Ryan Adams - Everbody Knows (Live)

When Ryan Adams brought out his self titled about a year ago, I listened to it straight through and lost my shit. It was just one of those albums you knew you'd play your kid. That you'd play when you had a good or a bad day. That you'd share weird memories with others with. It was one of "those" albums you stumble across. And I love those. Life changers.

I went down the rabbit hole of his career and for about a month he's really all I've listened to. He has so many sounds, so many different ways he makes records, it's really uplifting. He's just creative. He's a writer, and a musician, and an all around "guy" that you'd want to know. He's the closest thing music has to a real thing right now. You can tell he just takes people he cares about, brings them into the studio and makes music. I heard him in an interview say he's in a moment where songs are coming to him like a storm, and I can't think of a better way to explain a process that you're excited about. Ever. 

He did a slew of live shows after walking away from music for a hot minute to deal with a hearing disease he has and he released every show as a box set. I bought it immediately and as my gf and I wait on our firstborn to arrive, we just listen to every set in the background. A few songs hit you like a ton of bricks, and this is one of them.

I implore you to listen to everything he's ever done. He's one of the special ones, and I can't say thanks enough to him for doing what he does. He's a hero in an odd way, and I can't wait to hear what he does every month (he releases singles for fans and clearly himself every month, all old school.) 

He's the reason we all got into music. Right? He's the reason we got into this shit.

Because he gives a shit about life and explaining it as he experiences it. 

We're lucky he's around.