Foals - Rain

Foals made a new song. Foals made a new song. Foals made a new song.


And it's good.

For National Record Store Day, Foals announced they were releasing a new 7″ single. The 7″ includes the unreleased track, “Rain” as well as a cover of “Daffodils,” by Mark Ronson featuring Kevin Parker of Tame Impala.

Pete Yorn - I'm Not The One

So, true story: one time I jokingly made fun of Pete Yorn on the internet and he made fun of me back and it felt really good. Like, I was a smart ass and got put in my place. 

I think I asked something like "does pete yorn even listen to pete yorn anymore" and he said "yes, he does." And then he beat me at the Internet. 

Anyway, his new stuff has been phenomenal. Here's his latest. 

Bleachers & Grimes - Entropy

Hello, world! I'm alive! Sorry, I had a kid and found out you never sleep again and everything feels like the apocalypse all the time. So. Anyway.

Did you watch Girls last night? Did you think, "Man, this song is really good!" at the end of the episode?

It was Lena Dunham's BF (the guy from fun.) and Grimes. It's a good song. 

Enjoy it some more. 

I'll try to post more. I am brewing coffee at an alarming rate. It's all I got.

Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment - Wonderful Everyday

When we were about to have our son, my lady and I talked every day about what his first song would be. It seemed really important. Like, more important than who his godparents would be, etc.

Music is my everything. What was going to be the FIRST thing this kid ever heard go into his outside in the world ears?

And then we listened to this. And laughed about how we both used to love Arthur. And it just seemed right, you know?

Because it's a beautiful message.

"It's a simple message, and it comes from the heart. Believe in yourself, for that's the place to start."

Welcome to the world, Ollie. We love you.